Professional Affiliations

Factory Authorized Carrier DealerNATE CertifiedWe are Carrier factory authorized and NATE certified to bring service and trust to your home.

CCB# 114839, SIC Codes: 1711, 1731

License Numbers:
17-121C – Electrical (line voltage wiring)
17-96PB – Plumbing (gas piping)
561LHR – Service & Replacement of Equipment
17-115CRE – Class 2 wiring (thermostat)

Consumer Alert

The State of Oregon requires contractors to be registered with the Construction Contractors Board in the category they intend to do business and any subcontractors they use must be registered.

The State of Oregon recommends that you check the status of a contractor before signing any contract. To Check CCB registration call toll-free: (503) 378-4621 or visit the Oregon CCB website.

In addition to being registered with the CCB, a contractor must be licensed by the Department of Consumer & Business Services, Building Codes Division to legally perform certain types of work or they must hire a licensed subcontractor.

Being registered with the CCB does not automatically mean a contractor is licensed!

Licensing & Certificate Definitions

Plumbing Business / Contractor (PB)

The holder of a certificate of “registration to conduct a plumbing business” entitles a person to advertise; furnish labor and material, or labor only; to install; alter, and repair plumbing. This registration does not entitle the holder to work as a journeyman plumber without a certificate of competence.

Electrical Contractor (C)

An electrical contractor license is a specialized license allowing a company to engage in the business of making electrical installations. This license is in addition to the licensing and bonding required by the Construction Contractors Board.

Electrical Contractor, Limited Maintenance Specialty HVAC (LHR)

A limited maintenance specialty contractor-HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration):

(a) May maintain, service, repair or replace commercial and industrial electrical products that use fuel or other forms of energy to produce heat, power, refrigeration or air conditioning;

(b) May maintain, service, repair or replace the equipment on the load side of the disconnect switch located at or on the electrical product; and

(c) Shall only make electrical modifications or install electrical products where the modification, the size or the type of the product installed is approved by the manufacturer for the equipment involved; and

(d) Shall install, maintain or repair 100 volt-ampere or less thermostat or associated control wiring beyond the electrical product in other than a one- or two-family dwelling only when the contractor employs one or more of the following to perform the work:

(A) General journeyman electrician;

(B) General supervising electrician;

(C) Restricted energy technician with the proper endorsement; or

(D) Limited journeyman limited energy electrician.

Electrical Contractor, Restricted Energy (CRE)

A restricted energy contractor is limited to HVAC activities only unless the Building Codes Division approves additional endorsements, at which time the contractor shall file separate proof of qualification.

Electrical Contractor, Limited Maintenance Specialty (LMS)

(a)May connect replacement appliances to existing junction boxes;

(b) May repair by replacement, as defined in OAR 918-251-0090, ballasts, lamp holders and equipment that are a part of lighting fixtures; and

(c) Shall not make electrical installations involving services, feeders or branch circuits.

A firm that holds a valid limited maintenance specialty contractor license shall provide and maintain a list of employees in accordance with ORS 479.630 and shall designate to the Building Codes Division an individual within the firm who shall be responsible for compliance with applicable codes and rules for obtaining permits and calling for inspections.

The applicant shall provide verification of one year of experience in appliance repair or replacement work as defined in statute.

This contractor can convert to a limited maintenance specialty contractor-HVAC/R by meeting the requirements of OAR 918-282-0040 and paying an additional fee.

Limited maintenance specialty contractor employees need not be licensed.

Boiler Business (B)

This license entitles a business to engage in the installation, repair, altering of boilers, pressure vessels or pressure piping.